Elsecar Antiques Centre

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Entrance to Elsecar Antiques Centre

Elsecar Antique Centre

Antique Centre Photo Gallery

Elsecar Antique Centre situated in Building 18 of Elsecar Heritage Centre is on two levels. Home to over 100+ antique dealers, the building is split into separate units and cabinets holding a whole host of antiques and collectables ranging in price from 50p to £3,000.

On entering the Heritage Centre through the public entrance, look to your right, the Antique Centre is easily identifiable by the array of antique enamel advertising signs attached to the outside of the building. (photo to the left)

After entering through the foyer, you will find reception to your right hand side (photo below.) The reception is always manned by our friendly staff, always ready to help, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.


Reception and Stairs

Reception and stairs to mezzanine


Mezzanine main aisle

This photo shows the main area of the mezzanine level with its many units and cabinets.


View from the mezzanine in the extension with the newly installed lift to the right hand corniner, and the new lower floor units.

To view photos of specific units and cabinets please visit the next page. See more photos
Please note that stock changes regularly and the items pictured are not a true representation of the goods on sale.  For specific items please contact us for details of availability.

View from the entrance down the foyer. Coddswallop museum on the left closes on 15th January 2010. Displays will continue to be shown down the left hand side of the foyer, leaving the museum space (subject to building control) to house our new extension.

Rear aisle of Antique Centre

View of the rear aisle and upper level

Mezzanine Level

Another view of the mezzanine level to the corner and rear


A view of the mezzanine extension. Units 128 and 131

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